Michelle Poler

Michelle Poler

100 Days Without Fear

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  • Specializes in: Overcoming Adversity, Personal Growth
  • Travels From: New York


  • 100 Days Without Fear

    Michelle focuses on her journey facing 100 fears. She explains how she discovered the root of her fears and how she was able to break them down from 100 into 7 core fears. She analyzes the origin of the fears by dividing them into: universal, cultural and personal. She then dives deep into the natural process of facing fear and shares her own set of tools to overcome them. She explains how we can negotiate with our fears as a way to approach them, leaving room for new feelings and emotions. Michelle concludes by inviting the audience to challenge themselves to go out of their comfort zone, and most importantly to share their experience as a way to keep inspiring others.

    Key Outcomes:
    • Introspection: The audience will look deep into their souls to analyze their personal fears. They will learn and realize how their core fears have been obstacles throughout their lives, and see the impact it could have in the future by not doing something about it.
    • Inspiration: By seeing the evolution in Michelle's personality and the impact facing her fears has had
    in the way she approaches life in the present, the audience will feel inspired to take action
    on their own lives. "If facing your fears is scary, living in fear is terrifying."
    • Encouragement: The audience will understand the power in sharing their own experiences facing fears to encourage people around them to go after their own. This is how Michelle's project has turned into a fearless movement, impacting millions of lives beyond those in the audience.

  • What Are We So Afraid Of?

    A talk that will change your perception of fear and inspire you to take action.

    Our lives are defined by how far we are willing to take them. But how far we are willing to go is defined by the limits we impose on ourselves. Have you ever wondered what your life would be if you weren't afraid? Based on her personal experience facing 100 fears in 100 days, Michelle dissects fear and analyzes its impact on our true potential.

    Michelle explains how she discovered that her 100 fears turned out to be just 7 core fears expressed in different challenges, giving her insight on how to approach different situations in the same way. By categorizing fears according to stack of values, she shows how to go to the root of our fears to understand how to tackle them.

    One of Michelle's key findings lies on Abraham Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs where she uncovered how our needs limit our potential. But learning how to prioritize and negotiate with our needs will open a world of opportunities.

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