Sima Dahl

Sima Dahl

America's Personal Branding Champion

  • Fee ranges between: $8,001 - $12,000

    The fee range listed in is USD, represents the price for a keynote presentation in the person's home nation, and does not include travel and lodging. We strive to keep this information up to date, though price changes are often sudden and occasionally significant. Several other factors can impact fees and costs: location, length of presentation, audio/visual requirements and the cost of providing them on-site and currency fluctuation. The exact cost for a particular speaker for your situation is readily available from one of our associates.

  • Specializes in: Branding, Networking, Sales Skills, Social Media
  • Travels From: Illinois


  • Social Selling: Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

    Sales teams that leverage social selling outperform those that don't. Period. Unlike other speakers and trainers, Sima believes that it doesn't have to be difficult, time-consuming or tedious. What it does have to be is consistent. Be it leveraging LinkedIn and listening online for buying signals, or using content to attract leads and upsell customers, Sima will motivate your team to take action and sustain it

  • The Intersection of Personal Brands and Social Media: Is How Your Staff Behave Online an Asset Or Liability?

    Here's the bottom line: Every single member of your organization has a digital footprint that either helps your business brand, or hurts it. What most leaders DON'T know is whether their teams are tracking mud through cyberspace or creating the kind of online impressions that elevate their organization in powerfully positive ways. In this nothing-held-back, straight-shot of adrenaline, Sima will share what you should be looking for, what you can do to set the standard, and steps you can take to preserve your organization's professional reputation and keep your company's image clean.

  • Personal Branding and Social Networking for Professionals: Tell the World What You're Worth

    In today's job market, the brand is you. Whether you're climbing the corporate ladder, gunning for a promotion, or in business for yourself, knowing how to optimize your digital footprint is critical for success. The problem is most people simply have no idea where to begin, let alone how to sustain the effort. Sima Dahl has this down to a science. A proven formula for optimizing your online profiles. Powerful strategies to amplify your visibility in just minutes a week. And a momentum-producing action plan that makes giving it all you've got a life-long habit.

  • Sway Factor™ Training: A Deep Dive into Social Selling for Ambitious Rainmakers

    Using LinkedIn and other social platforms to improve your top line sales is NOT an experiment, NOT a passing fad, and NOT optional. The good news is it's not rocket science either, and every single member of your organization has the power to participate—all they need is know-how. Sima Dahl teaches what works, what doesn't, what advice NOT to take, and just how far you can push your social savvy without wasting precious time liking, linking and tweeting… In short, she takes your sales team from novice to ninja, holding their hand every step of the way.

  • Add-On: Speed Networking Session

    This is a very structured approach to networking that gives participants the opportunity to refine their positioning statement and meet a maximum number of attendees.

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